Italian Themed Wedding

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Real Weddings: Randy & Randi

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Real Wedding: Adam & Courtney

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Romantic & Vintage Inspired Ranch Wedding

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Eco-Friendly Tablescape

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Vendor Spotlight: Brit Jaye Photography

Today I wanted to take minute to showcase one of my favorite San Diego Wedding Photographers: Brit Jaye Photography. Brit is one of the sweetest photographers out there and has a true talent of making all of her clients feel instantly comfortable. This is major trait you need to look for in a wedding photographer!

Not only does Brit have a charismatic personality, but she is a natural when it comes to photography! She has an eye for picking out those perfect shots and is a master at photoshop. What more do you need from a photographer?! Still not sure she if Brit will be a perfect fit for you? Book her for an engagement session! Engagement sessions are the best way to test out a photographer. You not only get to “test out” their photography, but you will also become more comfortable around the photographer who will be present on your wedding day. This is a huge perk that will help you relax on the day of your wedding.

A few fun facts about Brit:

1. She has a degree in creative writing.
2. She collects children’s books and is inspired by fairy tales.
3. She someday hopes to contribute to National Geographic.


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Choosing Your Wedding Reception Venue

Happy Monday! This week is going to be all about venues! How to find one, what to ask, and some of my favorite and unique venues here in San Diego!  Now I know that from the moment you get engaged you are bombarded with the question “when and where,” but, before you go out and book the first venue you see just so you can answer that question, I suggest you keep a few guidelines in mind.

  1. ROOM SIZE – First and foremost, be sure the space you are looking at is the correct size for the number of guests you are anticipating. Now that doesn’t mean you need to have an exact guest count when searching for your venue, but you should know whether it will be closer to 50 people, 125 people, 300 people etc. This is important as you don’t want to cut your guest list because the space you booked isn’t large enough. On the contrary, you don’t want to put 50 people in a room that is meant for (500) because it is going to feel extremely empty. If you are having a hard time visualizing the space, ask the catering manager/venue manager for pictures of the space set up for a wedding with your number of guests. This way you can visualize the room with all the tables, dance floor, etc and decide if it is what you are looking for.
  2. BUDGET – Before you go out and book you venue, be sure you have a budget. Setting this and sticking to it is imperative and will set the tone for how you budget the rest of your wedding.
  3. VISIT THE VENUE AT THE TIME/DAY OF YOUR WEDDING – The most common time to get married is Saturday night, but few people actually search for their wedding venue at this time. One you find a venue you like, I encourage you to check it out at the time and day of the week you will be getting married. Is it a lot busier on Saturdays? Is there parking at that time of day? How is the lighting at night? Are there a lot of other parties going on at the same time that will disturb your wedding? This is just a short list of things that may change. Be sure to check it out yourself!
  4. WEDDING STYLE AND THEME – Before you book a venue, decide on a style and theme for your wedding. Are you looking for something modern, vintage, rustic, outdoors, elegant, beachy, etc. There are endless wedding venues out there, and so knowing this going to drastically narrow down your choices. It is also going to help ensure that your wedding theme is carried throughout your wedding, and will prevent you from having to bring in extra décor. For example, if you book an elegant European Hotel and then decide on a nautical theme, your venue and theme will not mesh well, and you will have to try a lot harder to create that nautical theme than if you chose a venue on the beach.
  5. IS THE VENUE FULL SERVICE – By this I mean does it provide catering, tables, chairs, linen, etc. Many people get overwhelmed by the pricing of many full service venues, but once you rent everything individually at a non-full service venue the price is going to be comparable, if not more. Also, if the venue you are looking at is not full service, ask if they have required vendors. This can sometimes be costly, as you don’t have the option to shop around for the best deals, and are required to use the vendors they recommend.
  6. ASK QUESTIONS – I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to ask questions as you are touring a property. If you are not sure what to ask, bring your wedding planner with you; that is something they are experts at! Also, stay tuned and I will share a list of questions I bring with!

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Coral and Mint Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Happy Monday everyone! One of my favorite parts about my job is finding wedding inspiration, and what better time to do that than a Monday morning! For this weeks board I decided to go with one of my favorite color combinations of coral and mint green. The combination of everything from the shabby chic invitations, to the simply elegant cake, to the watermelon spritzers, to the gorgeous bridal bouquets is enough to keep you mesmerized all day!

I hope you got as much enjoyment out of this coral and mint green inspiration board as I did and I would love to hear your thoughts!


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How To Create A “Green” Wedding

In lieu of Earth Day we here at Always Flawless Productions decided to make a list of ways to keep your wedding “Green.” While we want your wedding to be elegant, over the top, and everything you have ever dreamed of, we don’t see a reason why it can’t also be eco-friendly! We encourage you to keep this list in the back of your mind, and share it future brides-to-be.

Invitations – Over the years invitations have grown bigger, fancier and include a lot more information than they used to. In order to cut back on the amount of paper you are sending, opt for smaller invitations that only include necessary information. Also, go for recycled paper! Most stationary companies, such as Bella Figura, offer this option, and it’s a great way to stay eco-friendly. Another option, if you are having a less formal wedding, is to go paperless. Companies such as Paperless Post offer great alternatives to the traditional wedding invitation.


Photo Credit: Paper Doll Romance

Favors – Too often I see couples giving away little trinkets (candles, personalized glassware, paraboles, etc) that end up trashed at the end of the night. Why not say thank you with an eco-friendly container with seeds or a small plant your guests can grow? You can even include the catch phrase “Watch our love grow.” Another option is to opt out of giving favors and donate to a charity on your guests behalf.

Green Favor

via Etsy

Rings – Have you considered antique rings? Antique, or vintage, jewelry is all the rage right now and will eliminate the need to have brand new one created. If you use rings that are family heirlooms they will also provide additional sediment value! Not a fan of vintage jewelry? No problem! Companies such as Green Karat will create custom rings out of recycled gold.

Family Ring

Photo Credit:

Wedding Dress – While most brides love the idea of wearing a brand new dress, don’t rule out a family worn or consignment dress. There are so many talented fashion designers and tailors that can alter a dress to make it more your style. Another option is Threadhead Creations. They create dresses solely out of natural material, therefore making your brand new dress eco-friendly!


via Etsy

Flowers / Centerpieces – When it comes to flowers be sure to use local flowers that are in season. They may not be the exact flower you have always dreamed of, but you will still be able to find similar flowers in similar colors. I promise your wedding will still have the same ambiance! Another thought is to use succulents. Succulents can make gorgeous centerpieces and can be replanted after the wedding. For any other vases, frames, etc that you may need, go through a rental company. This way these items will not just go to waste after the wedding.


Photo Credit: Weddings by Lily

Registry – Be sure to register for “green” items such as organic cotton sheets or bamboo dishware, or register at a local family owned business. This may not be as convenient for guests, but is great for the community! Lastly, forgo gifts all together and ask your guests to donated money to your favorite charity!



Photography – Be sure to find a photographer that will provide you will a digital copy of all your wedding photos. This way you won’t waste paper on photos you aren’t crazy about.

Catering – Find a caterer that uses local and organic ingredients. This way, the product does not have to be shipped in and won’t have been doused with harmful chemicals. These caterers will typically also use recycled materials for napkins, paper plates, etc.

Farm to Table

Photo Credit:

Location – Choose a venue that is close to all of your guests. It’s simple, the less your guests travel, the better the outcome on the environment.

Get Away Vehicle – Forgo a high end limo or old fashioned car and try something for eco-friendly! Horse drawn carriages, pedicabs and gondolas are all “green” fun alternatives.


Photo Credit: Cinderella Carriages

Music – Go acoustic!


Photo Credit: Viren Entertainment

Now go out and start planning the “Green” Wedding! Please share any comments or questions below!

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