Eco-Friendly Tablescape

The Wedding Divas Bridal Show-99

Hi All!

Today I wanted to share an example of an eco-friendly wedding table we designed a few weeks ago. We had a blast creating it, and think you will all enjoy it! Below are all the details on how this table falls into the “green” category. Let us know what you think!

The Wedding Divas Bridal Show-95

FLOWERS – All the flowers were locally grown and in season – they were not specially grown or transported across the country. Also, in order to avoid all the flowers being tossed the day after the wedding, we planted them all with their roots. This would allow them to be re-planted after the wedding and would prevent them from going to waste.

The Wedding Divas Bridal Show-96

FAVORS – For wedding favors, we used mason jars with rooted flowers. This isn’t something that is going to get left behind or tossed when guests leave. It’s something they can re-plant when they get home and it will be a constant reminder of how love can grow.

The Wedding Divas Bridal Show-97

STATIONERY – All the stationery is created out of seed paper. What is amazing about seed paper is that you can plant it in the ground, just like you would a flower bulb, and it will grow into wildflowers! Also, If you take an even closer look at the Thank You Cards, you will see we tell our guests to go home and plant it. It doesn’t get much “greener” than that!

The Wedding Divas Bridal Show-98

PLACECARD HOLDERS – We used pears to hold our placecards. They are edible, biodegradable, and leave no waste behind.

CHALKBOARDS – We opted to used chalkboard to display the menu. This saves on paper stationry, and is a fun and unique alternative.

TABLE RUNNER/NAPKINS – These were all simple cotton, which is one of the most eco-friendly materials.

DECOR – All the decor (chargers, napkins, wooden boxes, books, etc) were rented from a vintage rental company. This is beneficial for two reasons. The first being that everything is being used over and over again. We did not go out and buy new items for this table. Secondly, because it is a “vintage” rental company, everything has been recycled for a new purpose, and we love this idea!

What are your thoughts on our eco-friendly design? Would you implement any of it into your wedding? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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