Why Hire A Wedding Planner?


Thanks to popular movies such as “The Wedding Planner” everybody knows wedding planners exist. The downfall is that those movies don’t accurately portray the value of a wedding planner, and advertise planners to be solely for the rich and famous. In fact, most brides first response when I tell them I am a wedding planner is: “I can’t afford it.” Now let me tell you a little secret;  a wedding planner will fit in your budget and just may be the best investment you make in your wedding. Here are (7) amazing reasons why:

1.SAVE YOU TIME – Planners are full of creative ideas, endless etiquette advice and have a little black book filled with reliable vendors. Why spend hours researching ideas or vendors when your wedding planner can quickly send brilliant ideas and get you in touch with reliable vendors in your price range? Stop wasting time on your computer and start enjoying your engagement!

2.SAVE YOU MONEY – Yes, this may sound contradictory, but it’s true. A wedding planner will sit down with you, help you establish priorities, and help you create and stick to a budget. They will also know reliable vendors within your budget and will prevent you from spending money where you don’t need to. While a full service planner can seem like a big investment, they almost always end up paying for themselves.

3.RELIEVE STRESS – Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but planners are pros at walking you though the process and making it enjoyable – NOT stressful. Let them create your timeline, design your wedding, create your budget, set up vendor meetings, negotiate rates and anything else that would create stress.

4.TURN YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY – Most brides have been envisioning their wedding their whole lives. A wedding planner can easily help you focus your ideas, and has the expertise and resources to help turn them into a reality. They are amazing at working with you to create that one of a kind wedding that is a true reflection of you and your fiancé.

5.OFFER AMPLE EXPERTISE – To be honest, you will have ideas for your wedding that simple won’t work. (Think everything from design, room set-up, transportation, RSVP tracking etc) A wedding planner has the experience and expertise to be upfront about what will and will not work for your specific wedding. Their years of experience will go a long way.

6.MEDIATE – With all the moms, sisters and best friends out there, it can be difficult for a couple to remember that it is THEIR wedding! Wedding planners deal with this often and are great mediators. They will have no problem jumping in to those difficult family situations.

7.ALLOW YOU TO ENJOY YOUR WEDDING – If nothing else, hire a “day-of” wedding planner! No bride wants to be running around and stressing on her wedding day. Let a planner take on that role, so you can enjoy the biggest day of your life! It’s the one event you plan that you should be the VIP guest, not the hostess.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what we do as wedding planners, and how we will save your life during the planning process! Knowing all the facts, would you invest in a wedding planner for your wedding? Let me know your thoughts!

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