Wedding Favors

One of the most common questions I get from my brides is “what are some affordable and unique favor ideas?” I have come to the realization that wedding favors are one of the last things added to a wedding and there is often an extremely small budget for them. In my opinion, if done incorrectly they can also be one of the biggest wastes of money in your wedding. You are already treating your guests to a night of eating, drinking and celebration. If you are going to hand out an additional “thank you” it should be worth while; you shouldn’t be buying favors just for the sake of buying them.

In order to make a favor memorable and worth the money you are putting into it, it needs to accomplish two things:

  1. Your guests will appreciate it
  2. Your guests will learn something about you

There are many ways to accomplish this without spending a fortune, and I encourage you and your fiancé to sit down and brainstorm things that make you a unique couple and things that many of your guests may not know about you. Below is a list of some great ideas to get you started!

1. Brew your own beer!  Then design a cute “I Do” label and share it with all their friends and family! Your guests will learn about your beer brewing talents and will be sure to appreciate taking home their own brew.

custombeer 1024x901 Wedding Favors...What to Do When Chocolate Just Won’t Do

2. Did a loved one pass away before he/she could make it to your wedding?  Try honoring his/her memory with a favor! For example, in lieu of a deceased Grandmother who loved to cook, print out her old fashioned apple pie recipe, write her story on the back, and attach it to an apple. Your guests will appreciate the semimetal value, and will have a new recipe to test out!


3. Are you and your fiancé always traveling? Or are you having a destination wedding? Why not provide luggage tags for all of their guests!

Luggage Tags (for a Destination Wedding)


4. If you and your fiancé spend a lot of time volunteering or there is an organization that means a lot to the two of you, why not make a donation to charity as your favor? You can present it creatively, and I promise, your guests will appreciate the gesture!

5. Incorporate your roots into your wedding! You would be amazed how many of your guests would learn something new about you! For example, did you grow up picking strawberries every summer? Provide individual containers of strawberry jam!


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