Wedding Chair Ties

When most brides visualize the décor for their wedding they are focused on things such as flowers, centerpieces, dresses, place cards, linens, etc. I have found that one of the most overlooked aspects of their wedding design is chair décor. There is often a misconception that it won’t noticed and will cost a fortune, but that is not always the case! Adding a simple sash to the ceremony or reception chairs is a great way to add a pop of color and to create a very unique and distinct feel to your wedding. They are also relatively inexpensive, and can be well worth the extra money. Below you will find some great and unique ways to tie a sash to achieve your desired wedding look!

The Bow – To create a bow, wrap the sash around the front of the chair, and tie a bow on the back!

Side Bow – Follow the directions to tie a bow, and then move it to the side of the chair!

The Knot – This is similar to the traditional bow, but without the bow! Wrap the sash around the chair and tie it in a double knot. Let the ends hang down for an elegant look!

Side Knot – Follow the directions to create a knot, and then move it too the side of the chair!

Rosette – First wrap the sash around front of the chair. Cross the ends of the sash over each other on the back of the chair and pull tight, creating a knot. You will then twist one end of the sash around the other end to create one long cord. Be sure to leave about 2-4 inches at the end for the rose’s leaves. Take the twisted sash cord and wind it around the knot on the back of the chair. When you get to the end, tuck the remaining 2 ends through the knot to hold it in place and create the leaves!

Flip Over – To create this look, tie a traditional knot and flip it under and over the traditional knot!

Embellish – Add embellishments to any chair tie to create a one of a kind look!


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