Southern Comfort: Cake Charms


Living in the craziness of Southern California, I rarely get the opportunity to experience charming Southern Traditions. I was recently lucky enough to work with a sweet Southern Bride who exposed me to the Southern Tradition of “cake charms,” or “cake pull.”

Dating back to the Victorian times, the tradition of cake charms has not drastically changed. Traditionally brides would find small silver charms (all shaped differently) and attach ribbons to them. They would then gently pace these charms under the cake for the bridal party to “pull” during the wedding reception, revealing their future fate. A few traditional charms are as follows:

  • Ring – Next to get married
  • Heart – New loves
  • Thimble – Sisterhood
  • Hot Air Balloon – A life of travel and adventure
  • Four Leaf Clover – Lucky in life
  • Butterfly – Eternal beauty

While these charms were traditionally kept as a remembrance by the bridal party, many modern bridal parties are combining their pulled charms to create a memorable charm bracelet for the bride.  I personally find this tradition to be extremely memorable to those involved, and hope to come across many more Southern Brides who embrace this tradition!


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