Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

One of the most well-known ‘good luck’ traditions carried out by brides today comes from the Old English rhyme “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” According to this tradition something old represents continuity, something new signifies optimism for the future, something borrowed implies borrowed happiness, and something blue symbolizes purity, love and fidelity; all of which are meant to bring good luck both on the wedding day and throughout the marriage. Now I’ve come to realize that most brides have no trouble incorporating the first three (something old, new and borrowed) into their wedding day, but lack ideas on how to include something blue. Here you will find some unique and creative ways on how to add that something blue into your big day!

Test 2

  1. FLOWERS – Add blue to your bouquet! Even if blue isn’t one of your wedding colors, a few naturally blue flowers such as irises, delphiniums, hydrangeas, thistles and forget-me-knots could still be a gorgeous addition to your bouquet. If you like blue flowers but don’t think they would enhance your bouquet very well, consider using them in your hair. You would be amazed at how well a flower or two could compliment a wedding hairstyle.
  2. EMBROIDERY  – If you are planning on saving your dress, consider embroidering your monogram or wedding date with blue thread on the inside of your dress or on your sash (if you have one). This is also be a great way to personalize your wedding dress without it being noticed by all your guests.
  3. JEWELRY –Choosing elegant aquamarine earrings or a stunning sapphire necklace to compliment your wedding gown, is one of the fanciest ways to add something blue to your wedding. You may even be able to ‘borrow’ a piece of ‘blue’ jewelry and kill two birds with one stone!
  4. SHOES – Another great idea is to wear blue shoes as you walk down the aisle, or decorate the bottom of your shoes with blue. For example, you can write “I Do” with blue rhinestones, or have all your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your shoes with a blue permanent marker.
  5. ATTIRE – Wearing something blue often seems to be too bold of a statement for most brides, but don’t rule it out just yet! A very lightly tented blue wedding dress or veil can be extremely gorgeous wedding attire, without appearing too over the top. Still not comfortable wearing too much blue? Consider wearing a blue garter or blue undergarments!

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